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Réplica International


Réplica International
Replica International (RI) is a new entrant in Portuguese Real Estate market, but not newcomer. As part of Replica Group, RI can draw on the resources and experience of one of the established leaders in the Portuguese Real Estate market.
Portuguese Real Estate market is poised for a period of sustained growth, as economy recovers from the crisis of the mid-2000’s. The recent boom in the tourism sector has brought millions of new visitors to country, raising Portugal’s profile throughout Europe and around the world.  We believe that taken together, these two factors have created an unprecedented opportunity to attract foreign investors to the Portuguese  property market. RI’s business model is quite simply to bring together the growing number of opportunities in Portugal and the growing number of potential foreign investors.
Drawing on the extensive network of the Replica Group in Portugal, we can provide foreign investors with the most diverse and attractive portfolio of investment opportunities in the country. With our intimate knowledge of our clients, we have an unmatched opportunity to attract new investors to Portugal.  Our deep local knowledge of the market and the nature of real estate in Portugal will enable us to offer the best possible investment experience to our clients.
What distinguishes RI from the competition is our focus: we are dedicated to making Portugal more accessible to foreign investors.  In order to achieve this we have built a team of professionals in Portugal that includes foreign nationals from our target countries; moreover, we are creating a network of “RI ambassadors” resident in those countries and creating partnerships with counterpart real estate professionals. Our goal is to make it as comfortable and practical as possible for foreign nationals to invest in our country and to minimize the perceived risks in so doing. Our method  is to develop a portfolio of commercial investment opportunities, and to offer our clients a customized investment process offering the potential for excellent returns.  Our metric of success is a smooth, profitable and even enjoyable experience for both our clients and our team.
Think locally, Act globally

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